The Florida Marine Pressure Vessel Class barges were built in two different designs to allow Florida Marine to offer to its customers either a two bottle or a three bottle configuration. Both configurations have a capacity over 16,000 BBL’s and are identical in redundantance using a Bergen advanced gauging systems powered by onboard solar panels. The emergency shutdown is an air pressure actuated system that connects directly from the terminal.


For greater utility, the vessels have both a port and starboard & mid and aft loading and discharge stations. Rated at 260# psi for PP Mix products, these modern newly built barges provide both a stable platform and a high level of product containment for our customers’ needs in the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) product transportation throughout the Intracoastal and inland waterways of the United States of America.


Florida Marine believes that the transportation of LPG products always demands a huge respect for the product that must be met by the carrier. Florida Marine, in our Relentless Pursuit of Excellence and with this new fleet of Pressure Vessel Class, barges meet that demand.


“For equipment specifications, please contact Norm Antrainer at norm.antrainer@flmarine.com, 985-629-2285.”