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Florida Marine transports chemicals including methanol, MEG, styrene, caustic, benzene, glycol, and many other chemicals via 11,000 bbl capacity barges. Barges can be moved in dedicated units or in a line haul system.

Pressure Cargoes

Our modern fleet of 16,000 bbl pressure barges enables us to transport butane, isobutane, propane, crude butadiene, and other pressurized cargoes in a safe, cost-efficient manner.

Refined Products & Feedstocks

Cargoes transported include gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, refinery feedstocks, ethanol, and other refined products. Tow sizes vary from 30,000 to 270,000 bbls with the majority being transported with two 30,000 bbl barges.

Crude Oil & Heated Products

FMT’s flexible tow boat horsepower range allows us to transport heavy, medium, light and condensate crude cargoes. Our state-of-the-art heater barge design allows us to optimize cargo capacity, efficiently manage cargo temperatures, and provide cost effective transportation of asphalt, black oil, fuel oil, slurry, VGO, and other heated products.

Dry Cargoes

Our diverse portfolio of open and closed design barges allows us to transport frac sand, chemical rock, coal, petcoke, aggregate, grain, steel, wood pellets, and other dry components.

Infrastructure Materials

FMT transports infrastructure materials including asphalt, concrete, steel, masonry, limestone, wood, polymers and composites— ensuring a solid foundation for sustainable construction.

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