Environmental Goals

Florida Marine’s environmental goals are:

  • Zero spills
  • Zero non-compliance items
  • Reduced carbon footprint


To achieve these goals, Florida Marine follows its environmental program consisting of:

  1. Towboat and barge features designed to protect the environment
  2. Comply with VGP, USCG, and RCP requirements; and with AWO best practices
  3. Employee Training
  4. Environmentally conscious attitude

Towboat and Barge Features

Florida Marine has designed its towboats and barges to meet ABS Class Standards, incorporating the most up-to-date environmental protection features.

Compliance with VGP, USCG, and RCP Requirements

Florida Marine attends industry seminars and training, as well as reviews updates on environmentally related regulations and best practices.  The Compliance, Operations and Maintenance Departments work together to achieve compliance with regulations and best practices.

Employee Training

Florida Marine requires all deckhands to complete training on OPA 90 and zero spill tolerance.  Florida Marine also requires all tankermen to complete a minimum of six months on-the-job training following tankerman school and to complete a full competency evaluation prior to being cut loose.  Florida Marine has also implemented a Tankerman Refresher Course.

Environmentally Conscious Attitude

Florida Marine begins ingraining environmental consciousness at the green deckhand level for vessel crew and at hire for shore side employees.  Deckhands undergo classroom and fleet training regarding the necessity to have zero spills and zero releases.


At Florida Marine, our environmental mantra is: “The only thing our tows leave in the stream is our wake!”